The beef we serve comes from our own farm, from the heart of Warmia and Mazury. 100% of nature gives the best beef: juicy, tender, delicate and aromatic.

The unique tenderness of our meat is influenced by biological factors such as: cattle breed, age, type of meat and environmental factors such as: animal nutrition, pre-slaughter procedures, slaughtering conditions, cooling, maturation and seasoning conditions.


Steaokownia is a perfect place for guests who appreciate high-quality beef and the effort put into preparation of top-class steaks.

It is a place that stands out thanks to its delicious cuisine and menu based on beef steaks and burgers.

The steaks are prepared from the top-quality seasoned beef of noble and meat breeds,  and according to the degree of doneness you choose.

We prepare burgers only from beef with original additions.

We focus on the highest quality of meat!
That is why we know that the best will appear on your plate.


We invite you to our Steakhouses, a restaurant for a culinary journey to the world of beef.

If you want to make it at home, you will buy meats in our Steakownia, which you can prepare at home.

Our Steakmasters advise on the selection, type, size and degree of fried steaks. In addition, you will receive knowledge that will be used to cook beef at home.